Matt Hardy Promises More Broken Content, Not Necessarily On WWE Network

Matt Hardy promises more "Broken" content is coming.

Matt Hardy Broken

Matt Hardy is promising his fans that more “Broken” content will be released in the future. Hardy noted that he doesn’t know when and he doesn’t know where the content will be released, however. He noted he is not sure if the Broken Hardy saga will continue on the WWE Network or not.

Hardy posted the following to Twitter:

While Hardy made a point to note he’s not sure what platform the Broken content will be on in the future, he said he has enjoyed working with the team from the WWE Network. He also said that ideally he would like to do 4-6 episodes of House Hardy per year.

The Hardy Boyz vs the Revival

Matt Hardy also replied to a Tweet from Scott Dawson recently. Hardy said that one day he’d like to have a long program with the Revival.

Hardy Boyz Contract Status

Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy have about another 9 months left on their WWE contracts. It was reported in February that WWE was exercising an option to extend their contract by a year.

Before WWE extended his contract earlier this year, Hardy noted that he is comfortable working outside the company. He posted the following to Twitter in February: