Matt Hardy Receives Emotional Send-Off At WWE Live Event

Matt Hardy sendoff
Matt Hardy gets an emotional sendoff at WWE Rochester

Matt Hardy got an emotional send-off at Sunday night’s WWE Live Event from Rochester, New York. The Woken one will now take extended time off as he deals with various injuries and re-evaluates his in-ring future.

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt teamed up on the show in what is likely their final match together. The B-Team retained the Raw Tag Team championships in a 3-team match that also included The Revival. After the final, Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt embraced in the ring and received a standing ovation from the live crowd. As they were on the ramp about to walk backstage, both Matt and Bray threw up the Hardy Boyz hand gesture.

Later in the evening, Matt thanked fans on Twitter for the “WONDERFUL” and heartwarming send-off he received in Rochester. “I appreciate you,” he said.

As we’ve been reporting, his future as an active wrestler are in question.  A long career of putting his body on the line may have finally caught up with the talented performer. In recent weeks, Matt Hardy has begun working behind the scenes as a producer/agent.

Matt will address his nagging injuries over the next several months. We do not know the full extent of his injuries at this time. There is no reason to believe he is officially retired, but he won’t be wrestling any time soon.