Matt Hardy Retires, Thanks Fans (Video)

Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy appears Matt Hardy is retiring as a full-time active competitor. Hardy competed at Saturday night’s WWE live event from Corpus Christi, Texas. Afterwards, he posted a video on Youtube

“There’s been a lot of speculation for quite a while online if I’m going to be wrestling any longer or not, and WWE, fortunately, they let me fulfill all my advertised commitments,” Hardy said. “But tonight, here in Corpus Christi, this was the last advertised commitment I had. And I never say never, but tonight, here in Corpus Christi, is most likely the last time you’ll ever see Woken Matt Hardy in a WWE ring.”

Watch Matt Hardy announce his retirement:

Some fans are speculating that Matt Hardy is simply retiring his “Woken” character, but the ‘description’ of the above YouTube video clarifies that he is in fact stepping away from the ring.

“Thank you for letting me live my dream for 26 years, wrestling fans,” Hardy wrote. “I don’t necessarily wish it was this way, but it’s time to go home. Time to go home and be a father. Time to go home and be a husband. I did so much more than I ever imagined I would do. Thanks for making this incredible journey with me, ladies and gentlemen. I love you all.”

Team Xtreme

Matt Hardy debuted for the company as a teenager in 1994 before earning himself a contract in 1998. He would go on to great success with his brother, Jeff, as they would revolutionize tag team wrestling in legendary feuds against teams like The Dudley Boyz and Edge & Christian.

It has been rumoured that Hardy has been suffering from a serious back injury, so transitioning to a backstage role would not only protect him but allow him to continue to contribute to the industry he loves so much.

Although yet to be confirmed by the WWE, the implication is clear. Sadly, it appears that Matt Hardy’s stellar in-ring career has come to an end.

What are some of the most memorable Matt Hardy moments for you? Favorite matches, returns, or twists of fate?