Matt Hardy Shares Original Plan For AEW Debut, Talks Atmosphere Of The Promotion

Matt Hardy has spoken

Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy made an appearance on Talk is Jericho for a new interview after making his promotional debut on Wednesday’s edition of AEW Dynamite. 

His debut took place after the main event that saw The Inner Circle beat The Elite in a six-man tag team match. This is where we saw Vanguard 1 fly into the crowd and Hardy standing in the bleachers. 

Hardy talked about the original plans for Vanguard 1. Dynamite was supposed to be in Rochester, NY but had to be moved to Jacksonville, Florida due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. 

Vanguard wouldn’t have been able to be used inside of the arena due to FCC regulations if the event had been held in Rochester. 

“It’s definitely different. Once again, if you have a Vanguard 1 drone flying in, it’s an inanimate object,” Hardy said. “Originally, the drone was going to fly back to me, and we were gonna get a really cool beauty shot, but that didn’t happen. I went ahead because we’re doing live TV. It was kind of like an audible.”

Matt Hardy Shares AEW Backstage Vibe

Hardy also talked about how AEW is such a laid-back atmosphere. He brought up knowing some talent in AEW from previous promotions. He noted how it was different from WWE as he didn’t have to ask Vince then go through all those different levels of authority. 

Hardy said that it was easy to get things done in AEW and even did some promos and vignettes at the end of the night.

“It was very easy, and it was very not to have any kind of restraints on you and just go and be creative and do your thing and do you because nobody does themselves better than them.”

Hardy stated that when the talent knows their strengths and weaknesses and you gravitate towards your strengths then that’s where the magic is. 

“I think basically, the whole framework of AEW, from what I’ve seen so far, is there’s like an outline, this is where we want to go, this is what we want you to do to get there, how do you suggest we get there, and the talent fills in the blanks. That’s magic. That’s the beauty of this business.”

Hardy will join The Elite to take on The Inner Circle next week in the Blood & Guts Match.

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