Matt Hardy Wants To Create The Most Layered Character Ever

Matt Hardy recently said he wants to create the most layered wrestling character of all time.

Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy

In AEW at the moment, both classic Matt Hardy and the version that has been taken over by a 3000-year-old entity named Damascus can be seen. In a recent interview with CBS Sports Radio, Hardy noted that he wants to create the most layered character in wrestling history.

“You’re going to see many versions of Matt Hardy,” Hardy said on the show. “I’m really working to create the most layered wrestling character ever right now.”

He also noted that he likes it when other wrestlers or those in segments with him aren’t aware of what he is going to say next.

“A lot of times it works best when I’m speaking with my opponent and they don’t even know what’s coming,” he continued. “You get more of a natural reaction because he says a lot of absurd stuff, he says a lot of unpredictable stuff.”

Hardy then used the example of Chris Jericho’s reaction to Hardy calling him a “Hole of the Ass” on a recent episode of Dynamite.

“When I called Chris Jericho, we were in the ring together, and I called him a hole of the ass, he almost lost it just because he wasn’t expecting that,” he continued.

Hardy’s comments on the show can be heard in the Tweet below:

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