Matt Riddle Feels He Should Have Been In WWE Years Ago

Matt Riddle NXT
Matt Riddle NXT

A large contingent of indie pro wrestling fans would have loved for Matt Riddle amongst the WWE roster years ago.

Turns out The King of Bros feels the same way. recently released an article that explores the ins and outs of the WWE Performance Center in Florida. During the piece, ESPN interview a number of different superstars and backstage talent, including Matt Riddle.

He discussed his transition from MMA to pro wrestling and the decisions that helped solidify his resolve to commit to sports entertainment.

Matt was candid in his feelings, stating that he felt he should have been a part of the WWE when he had his first try out.

“I moved my family down here, I’ve got three kids and a wife, so it’s nice,” Riddle reflected. “I just wrestle in Florida every weekend. We occasionally do tours or TakeOvers, but for the most part, now I get to spend more time with my family. I’m more local, and it’s great. The training here is top-notch,” he continued. “Where I was, I was lucky to even train three times a week, because my schedule was so insane — and I didn’t have the coaches or amenities to do [much more than that].”

“I just feel like I belong here. I felt like I belonged here three-and-a-half years ago when I had my first try out.”

Riddle first appeared for the WWE in August during their NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4 event, where it was revealed he had signed with the company. He made his in-ring debut last month at TakeOver: War Games II, defeating Kassius Ohno in an astounding six seconds.

With so much momentum already behind him, it’ll be fascinating to watch how far this bro will go.