Matt Riddle Really Wants To Retire Brock Lesnar

Matt Riddle
Matt Riddle

“The Beast” Brock Lesnar returned last night at WWE’s Crown Jewel event, becoming the first ever two-time WWE Universal Champion in the process by defeating Braun Strowman in controversial fashion.

Though many fans were unhappy with the outcome – and the scenario that led up to it – there is one person who couldn’t be happier that Brock Lesnar is not only back, but has reclaimed the Universal Championship.

That man? The King of Bros, Matt Riddle.

Riddle, himself a former UFC fighter, took to Twitter in order thank Lesnar for returning and giving him the opportunity to try and accomplish what he’s wanted for a surprisingly long time: retire Brock Lesnar.

His Tweet read, “Thank you Brock for coming back and winning the universal title! You’re right where I need you bro,” which is a clear statement of intent over Riddle’s future goals.

Having only just successfully debuted for NXT, Matt Riddle has even set himself an ambitious timeframe to work towards, stating that he intends to “retire you [Lesnar] in a few years.”

This isn’t the first time the King of Bros has spoken about facing Brock Lesnar. On a recent edition of “The Ariel Helwani MMA Show” he said the following:

“In my perfect world I’m champion in like, three months,” Riddle said. “And then I’m on the main roster and I’m challenging Brock Lesnar. And I want to retire Brock Lesnar. That’s the perfect world. Maybe Brock Lesnar, main event [at] WrestleMania for the Universal Title, and if he loses he retires.”

It’s good to have goals.

Is this a match you’d like to see? Who would win if it were to go down? Can you see Matt Riddle being the one to retire Lesnar?