Matt Riddle Responds To Booker T Saying He Needs A Lot Of Work

Booker T Matt Riddle
Booker T comments on Matt Riddle's progress in NXT

Booker T appeared to have taken offense to Matt Riddle’s comments about Bill Goldberg. Riddle had said that Goldberg is “hurting people” when talking about his performance at Super ShowDown against The Undertaker:

“The thing for me is, and one of the reasons I was never a fan of Goldberg in the beginning when everybody was like ‘oh, he’s so good!’ I was like ‘no, he’s terrible, he’s hurting people’ and there’s nothing else.”

Booker T didn’t take this comment lightly and said that Riddle needs to work a lot on himself before he starts talking about anybody.

“I was listening to Matt Riddle talk about Goldberg,” Booker T said on his Reality of Wrestling show. “And I got a chance to watch Matt Riddle work. This guy needs a lot of work. You’re talking about somebody that needs to work on their craft? This Matt Riddle, he needs to work on his craft and that’s coming from Booker T.”

It didn’t take long before Riddle himself took notice of Booker T’s comments and responded back to the story on his social media.

The Bro wrote without a care in the world, “I guess old WCW wrestlers hate the bro, I wonder who will be next”

Riddle is known for being outspoken and speaking his mind, it is quite possible that these comments can get the attention of another wrestling veteran.