Matt Sydal’s Higher Consciousness Means X-Division Innovation

Matt Sydal says he was reborn after his 3rd eye was opened and he achieved a higher state of consciousness. On a recent Impact Wrestling media conference call, we had the chance to ask Sydal how his personal philosophies impact his wrestling performances.

“The more I’ve integrated my personal philosophy into my wrestling performances the more success I’ve had, the more genuine a connection I feel with the crowd and the more liberated I feel in the ring,” Sydal said.

“Now I rely on the mind-body connection, it’s an ecological awareness that allows me to not just be a mind separate from a body but a mind and body integrated into one and integrated into the whole system that we all live in and are all a part of.”

“I see in slow motion, I move in fast-forward and there is nobody who can do the things I can do” – Matt Sydal

Matt Sydal’s Plans to Curate the X-Division

While he admits there are still plenty of challenges awaiting him on the current roster, Sydal expressed his desire to curate the X-Division by bringing in innovative wrestlers from all over the world.

“I know these guys in Lima, Peru that you might have never seen wrestle but they are out of this world,” Sydal said. He also mentioned a group of wrestlers who train out of a Shaolin temple in China.

“My ability to see trends forming and to be an early adopter is a skill,” he said on the call.

“As you watch this X-Division unfold, the men you will see popping, appearing, and hanging around in this X-Division are going to be the people that are wrestling. The people that all the fans are going to be talking about and enjoying will be X-Division wrestlers.”

While Sydal may have plans for the future of the division, he will be paying particular attention to a match on tonight’s episode of Impact. A fatal 4-way featuring Drago, Aerostar, Taiji Ishimori, and Fantasma could decide Sydal’s next title challenger.