Max Mini Originally Planned As Part Of Owen Hart Fatal Stunt

According to comments the rigger of the stunt made to police, Max Mini was originally supposed to be part of the stunt that killed Owen Hart in 1999.

Owen Hart Max Mini

According to documents pertaining to Owen Hart’s tragic fall from the Kemper Arena ceiling in 1999, Max Mini was originally supposed to be part of the fatal stunt.

Reporter David Bixenspan posted to Twitter portions of a file from the Kansas City Police Department’s investigation into Owen Hart’s death. In the highlighted section below is a portion of the transcript from an interview with the stunt’s rigger, Bobby Talbert. His comments to the police stated that Max Mini was originally supposed to be attached to Owen Hart for the stunt but the plan changed last minute.

“Talbert stated originally the stunt was to be that a midget MAX-MINI would be attached to the victim, however, they later decided against performing that stunt and were only going to lower the victim to the ring,” the police report reads.

Later in the transcript, Talbert stated that he had done similar stunts involving two wrestlers attached together in WCW.

Bixenspan also posted the below video of Max Mini speaking about Owen Hart.

“I only knew Owen a little,” Max says in the video. “He was very modest and calm. And me, the day that the accident happened, I was with him all day. I was supposed to be his mascot. And when they told me, he was already…lost. We love you very much. May God watch out for you.”

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