Michael Elgin Gone From Future Impact Wrestling Shows

Michael Elgin will not be appearing on any future Impact Wrestling programming though he hasn't technically been released.

Michael Elgin
Michael Elgin

Impact Wrestling made an announcement today regarding the future of Michael Elgin. The company announced Elgin was being suspended earlier this week in the wake of allegations made against him as part of the #SpeakingOut movement.

Impact stated they were suspending Elgin as they sought to investigate the claims against him further. The promotion has now announced that he will not be appearing on any future Impact shows. A statement at the company website reads:

“IMPACT Wrestling has announced that Michael Elgin will not be appearing in any further IMPACT Wrestling programming.”

It is notable that Impact has not announced Elgin has been released. The company has simply stated he will not be appearing on any further programming. He was not featured in any meaningful way on Tuesday’s show beyond possibly having been in some highlight packages.

Elgin had been scheduled to participate in the 5-way match at Slammiversary for the Impact World Championship. That match has now had two participants removed as the company announced Tessa Blanchard’s contract had been terminated yesterday. Impact has also terminated the contracts of Dave Crist and Joey Ryan recently in the wake of allegations against both.

Elgin debuted for Impact at the Rebellion PPV from Toronto on April 28th, 2019. He also performs with Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan. His last match for the promotion was their January 5th, 2020 show from Korakuen Hall.