Michael Elgin Says He Doesn’t Like Wrestling Anymore

Michael Elgin says he doesn't like wrestling anymore.

Michael Elgin
Michael Elgin

Recently on Impact Wrestling, Michael Elgin has been chasing the Impact World Championship. He’s involved in a #1 contenders tournament which kicked off this week. According to Elgin, however, he’s not happy with where the pro-wrestling industry is at the moment.

Elgin took to Twitter to explain his issues with wrestling today.

“I legit don’t like wrestling anymore. Everyone is so soft. Everyone let’s outsiders or “fans” dictate how we should be. I’m just staying off here, so called wrestlers have turned to nothing but a mockery of how people and wrestling should be. I don’t like hating my profession,” Elgin Tweeted.

Elgin would clarify, however, that his Tweets are in-character.

Michael Elgin In Impact Wrestling

Elgin is one of the top heels in Impact Wrestling at the moment. He was scheduled to face Eddie Edwards and Tessa Blanchard for the world title at Rebellion before the pandemic hit. Neither Edwards or Blanchard was able to attend the recent tapings in Tennessee. As a result, Elgin was placed in a #1 contenders tournament. Moose has since declared himself the TNA World Champion as well. Elgin is scheduled to face Sami Callihan in the 1st round of the #1 Contenders tournament next week.

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