Mick Foley On Which Current WWE Superstar He Would Like To Write A Storyline For

Mick Foley

WWE Legend and former World Champion Mick Foley recently took part in a Reddit AMA session and talked about a variety of topics. Below are some of the highlights from the session:

Favorite foreign object he ever got hit with:

“Chris Jericho hit me with a copy of my own book in 1999. He got the victory, because it was such a large volume – but I made a heckuva comeback. I told him he wanted more of me I would be at the bookstore and gave an address. It was the largest turnout I had ever had!”

Which is his favorite ‘Face Of Foley’:

“Not sure he has ever been counted as a distinct face, but I think my character as Commissioner in 2000 was different enough to be included as one! Definitely the most fun I ever had – I showed up late, left early, didn’t have to change clothes, and said whatever I felt like saying.”

WWE Star he would like to write a storyline for:

“I would love to write something for Becky Lynch. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t think we’ve seen the best of her – and her ability to dig down deep for promos is still somewhat underutilized.”

Which current WWE Superstar he thinks he could have had a good feud with in his prime:

“In my prime, I think I could’ve had really good matches with any number of WWE superstars. I think he cactus/Owens match could’ve been great, or a mankind/bray Wyatt match could’ve had some amazing build up.”