Mick Foley Pays Tribute To The Dynamite Kid

Mick Foley Dynamite Kid
Mick Foley Dynamite Kid

Mick Foley paid tribute to the Dynamite Kid recently in a Facebook post. Foley, like so many others who have paid tribute since his passing, believes Dynamite Kid is one of the greatest pro-wrestlers in history.

“My personal Mount Rushmore (of wrestlers) has probably changed a dozen times,” Foley begins his post. “But more often than not, as was the case last week in the UK, I had Tommy Billington, The Dynamite Kid, etched in stone on my mountain.”

Mick Foley Tribute To The Dynamite Kid

Readers of Foley’s bestselling books will note that he served as “enhancement talent” in a match against the British Bulldogs early in his career. Foley mentioned the experience in his tribute to Dynamite:

“Imagine how honored I was – not to mention terrified- to face Tommy in the second match of my career, a tag-team contest pitting me and British great Les Thornton against Tommy and Davey Boy Smith as the British Bulldogs,” Foley wrote. “While it’s true that I was worse for the wear after that match, and could not eat solid food for about three weeks, it was a valuable lesson; an emphatic example of how high that bar was set, and how hard I would have to work if I ever hoped to reach it.”

You can read the entire post on Foley’s Facebook page here.