Mick Foley Provides New Details On Undertaker Q&A Situation

Mick Foley will be handling the Q&A sessions on the Rise of the Taker tour later this month.

Mick Foley Undertaker
WWE legends Mick Foley and The Undertaker

Mick Foley will be replacing the Undertaker in the Q&A portion of the “Rise of the Taker” tour in the UK later this month. Taker will still take part in the planned Meet and Greet portion with fans but told Inside the Ropes he is unable to participate in the Q&A portion.

“It is with a heavy heart that we need to write this to notify you of some changes to the event,” Inside the Ropes explained. “When we booked Undertaker back in October, we were able to book him for a Q&A. Unfortunately, it’s come to light in recent times that he is unable to participate in this portion of the show.”

Mick Foley On Replacing Undertaker For Q&A Sessions

Taker’s replacement, Mick Foley, provided an update recently on his Facebook page.

“Sometimes things happen, and no one’s at fault,” Foley began. “I believe WWE was just doing what they felt was best to keep the mystique and aura surrounding the single greatest character in company history alive and well.”

Foley would continue to say Undertaker flew to Conneticut in order to continue with the tour.

“It certainly wasn’t Undertaker’s fault either,” Foley continued. “In fact, he flew to Connecticut to convince WWE to let him do the tour in some way, shape or form. But when the contractual dust settled, Kenny found himself without the spoken word part of the biggest spoken word tour he’d ever put together – maybe the most highly anticipated spoken word tour the wrestling world has known.”

Foley’s entire post can be read here.