Minoru Suzuki Confronts Jon Moxley at Wrestle Kingdom

Minoru Suzuki

Japanese wrestling legend and leader of the Suzuki-gun faction Minoru Suzuki made a shock appearance at Wrestle Kingdom. The strong style practitioner appeared following the IWGP United States Championship match between Jon Moxley and Juice Robinson. This match was set following the events of Night 1; where Moxley defeated Lance Archer to recapture the US belt. The US Championship was stripped from Moxley back at the King of Pro Wrestling event, as Moxley was unable to appear due to severe weather conditions preventing travel.

When Suzuki appeared he marched straight down to the ring and began trading blows with the AEW star. There had been speculation that Moxley would not be leaving Japan with the belt, due to complications with the AEW/NJPW relationship and Moxley’s schedule.

Minoru Suzuki then revealed his desire to challenge for the United States Championship. It has not been confirmed when that bout will be happening but it can be expected down the line.

There had also previously been speculation that Minoru Suzuki wanted to leave New Japan. The Suzuki-gun leader apparently liked the idea of joining the revitalised Pro Wrestling NOAH promotion as he was unhappy with his booking and placement on the New Japan roster. It is not known if this is a ‘farewell’ feud for Suzuki.