MJF & Enes Kanter Trade Shots On Twitter

MJF told Enes Kanter not to show up to AEW's show in Boston on October 9th.

MJF Enes Kanter

On October 9th, AEW will present their second-ever show on TNT live from Boston. Off-season free agent pick-up of the Boston Celtics, Enes Kanter is a noted wrestling fan and got into a back-and-forth on Twitter with MJF regarding the show recently.

MJF let Kanter know what he plans to do if the Turkish basketball star shows up on October 9th. He also doesn’t seem too pleased about going to Boston.

Cody then chimed in shortly after MJF posted his Tweet.

Kanter then promised to be live in attendance for AEW on TNT in Boston:

Enes Kanter and DDP

Cody alluded to Kanter and DDP being a mutual friend. Kanter and DDP recently produced the following video which aired on The Score in Canada. In the video, DDP trains Kanter in pro-wrestling and the pair also work on possible gimmicks for the NBA player.

Enes Kanter Says He’s Serious About Pro-Wrestling

Kanter took part in an interview with VICE last October. During the interview, Kanter mentioned he’s spoken with Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman about making the jump to a wrestling career.

“I’m actually talking to the people over there now. Vince McMahon, he knows me,” Kanter said. “I had dinner with (Paul Heyman) two, three days ago. I asked him how long he’s gonna do this and he said ‘as long as Brock (Lesnar) goes, I go, and then I’m with you.’ I’m like yes! Seriously. I’m really serious about it.”