MJF Explains His “10 Lashes” Stipulation In New Promo (Video)

MJF will deliver 10 lashes to Cody next week.

MJF (Maxwell J. Friedman)

Next week on AEW Dynamite, Cody Rhodes will be forced to take 10 lashes from his rival, Maxwell Jacob Friedman. MJF insisted on the stipulation as well as several others in order for Cody to receive a match against him at Revolution on February 29th. He explained the stipulation recently in a video posted to AEW’s social media accounts.

“Cody, a lot of people on the internet, they’re wondering ‘MJF, why 10 lashes? Why that stipulation?’ So specific, so vicious,” MJF says in the video. “It is specific. Allow me to specify why this is going to happen to your hero Cody Rhodes. A wise man once said, if you’re a walk-behinder the view never changes. And oddly enough, Cody Rhodes, that’s exactly was what you were going to allow me to be for the rest of my career. “

“Every lash will be with all my power and all my might and every single time that leather meets your skin it will symbolize all your lies and all your empty promises and you’re going to quit. You won’t make it to 10, hell you might not make it to 8. Do you want to know why Cody? I’ll tell you why. It’s because I’m better than you and you know it.”

AEW posted the below video of MJF cutting a promo on Cody and talking about why he decided on the 10 lashes stipulation.