MLW Fusion Episode 79 Full Video & Report: Dynasty vs. Los Parks

Complete results of episode 79 of MLW Fusion -- Dynasty vs. Los Parks

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MLW Fusion Episode 79 is now online. This week’s show features matches from this month’s MLW x The Crash live event from Tijuana, Mexico. Approximately 5,000 fans were on hand for the taping, making it MLW’s largest crowd to date.

Featured below are the full episode via MLW’s YouTube channels and our write-up, including the big Dynasty vs. Los Parks main event.



Dynasty members Alex Hammerstone, MJF, and Richard Holliday are seen walking out of the building down talking Mexican wrestling and it’s wrestlers as Salina de la Renta is entering. Salina quickly suggests the trio face off against Los Parks. Hammerstone agrees to the match on Dynasty’s behalf with a reluctant MJF and Holliday looking on with less positivity.

The Fusion opening video is shown on the jumbotron.

AJ Kirsh and Rich Bocchini are announcing for tonight’s show as they begin hyping the matches to come.

Oraculo vs. Black Danger vs. Ricky Marvin in Three-Way Match

Oraculo drops a 450 splash on Black Danger for a three count pin.

Winner: Oraculo


Low Ki is seen with Kaci Lennox who holds a mic for Ki as he tells Brian Pillman Jr. his loss to Austin Aries was caused by letting his emotions get the better of him. Pillman is visibly upset by the statement, so before stomping off he tells Low Ki he doesn’t know anything about him.

Video Package

Dynasty members are seen leaving a Mexican pharmacy. The cameraman asks what the men are doing at a pharmacy. Unable to contain his excitment, Hammerstone replied, “it’s legal in Mexico, and I can never get enough.”


Salina de la Renta speaks on the MLW Championship pay-per-view match set to take place between LA Park and Jacob Fatu when Josef Samael interrupts, saying he’s been listening to her. Rather than being angry and acting out against Salina, Samael compliments her, saying she is intelligent and beautiful. He goes on to say she thinks with her heart instead of her mind.

The two are going back and forth when Jimmy Havoc shows up and explains he is the executive producer of the Halloween edition. Havoc tells Salina and Samael that he wants a member of both Promociones Dorado and Contra in a Tijuana street fight, and he wants blood. Samael chooses himself to represent Contra Unit, and Salina says she has the perfect competitor for him…

The Crash Heavyweight Champion Rey Horus vs. MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone in a Title vs. Title Match

(With titles on the line, upon a victory tonight, Horus would then have to take on Davey Boy Smith Jr. to defend the MLW National Openweight Title at the pay-per-view.)

Alexander Hammerstone dominates the match early on including a fallaway slam, a German suplex, and a sit-out powerbomb on Horus. Mid-match Horus musters energy attempting to turn the match around with a sommersault plancha and shortly after followed with a springboard DDT for a near fall.
Hammerstone charges at Horus, accidentally knocking out the referee. Hammerstone gets an obvious three count pinfall, though the ref is still out. Hammerstone exits the ring and brings in a chair and attempts to powerbomb Horus onto it.

Horus quickly counters for a nearfall on Hammerstone. Horus continues with a drop toehold into the chair, following with a 450 splash. Horus is suddenly pulled ringside by MJF and Richard Holliday, who mercilessly stomp Horus for the DQ.

Winner: Rey Horus

Before the Match:

MJF has the mic, the crowd boos. Tag-team champions taunting the crowd, exclaiming he can’t wait until Donald Trump builds the wall. The crowd chants “Mexico” in unison.

MJF and Richard Holliday vs. Hijo de LA Park (w/ Salina de la Renta) and LA Park Jr. in MLW Tag-team Title Match

Richard Holliday eggs on the crowd early on in the match. MJF and Holliday land a Double Suplex followed by showboating and gyrating around the ring, not paying attention to their competitors getting back to their feet. Holliday caught off guard as Los Parks get a close two-count, MJF breaks it up in time. All four competitors end up on the outside of the ring. Los Parks perform suicide dives onto them. Making their way back in the ring, a gut wrench powerbomb and an obscene pose by both MJF and Holliday on Hijo for the three count double pin.

Winner: MJF and Richard Holliday (retains MLW Tag-Team Championships)


Jimmy Havoc’s Slaughterhouse edition of Fusion is hyped for next week. Jimmy Havoc vs. Savio Vega vs. Damian 666 is announced, as is Josef Samael vs. Salina’s choice competitor in a Tijuana Street Fight.

That does it for this installment of MLW Fusion.

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