MLW Fusion Episode 80 Results & Full Episode (Video)

Complete results of episode 80 of MLW Fusion -- Jimmy Havoc's Slaughterhouse

Episode 80 of MLW Fusion is now online with this week’s show titled, “Jimmy Havoc’s Slaughterhouse.”

Rich Bocchini and A.J. Kirsch announces The Dynasty’s lawyers got a court ordered injunction against defending the MLW World Tag Team Championship against The Monarchs in Tijuana, Mexico. Next they set up the video clip of Ross and Marshall Von Erich, asking for their take on things…

Video Package

Marshall Von Erich opens, “Extremely frustrated, but it showed us two things. One thing, the Dynasty, they’re afraid of us. They’re scared, so they see us as a threat. Another thing, they’re champions. Conduct yourself like champions. Act like champions. You represent MLW, act like it.”

Marshall goes on to say they received some good news earlier in the day, to which Ross chimes in that they have, “great news.” Marshall says, “League officials let us know that our match has been moved to the Super Fight PPV on November second in Chicago, the windy city.” Ross adds, “It’s gonna be windy alright, it’s gonna be a Texas Tornado Tag Match” but the Von Erich’s are gonna be at home. We can’t wait!”


Opening Video Package

Havoc’s voice plays over the video package being shown “I’m willing to bleed for my art, and I am willing to make you bleed too.” A heartbeat continues to grow louder and faster as the clips are strobbing just as quickly showing different scenes of Havoc’s torture inside the ring. The words “Jimmy Havoc’s Slaughterhouse” appear across the screen, then blinks to black.

Show Opening

The screen blinks once again, this time Jimmy Havoc appearing alone in front of a worn brick wall. Havoc welcomes fans of MLW to “Jimmy Havoc’s Slaughterhouse.” He asserts that he has been made executive producer of tonight’s episode of MLW Fusion for this 80th episode.

“You can sort of guess what’s gonna happen here. We’re gonna have loads of fluffy dogs, unicorns, rainbows… and a LOT of blood and violence. Which is exactly what I like.” Havoc says as more clips of himself in the ring strobe in and out between his words.

Havoc begins his duties as executive producer by announcing his first order of business being a Tijuana Street Fight between “????? (Presented by Sauna De La Renta”) vs. Josef Samael”, saying it’s gonna get messy and he’s gonna love it.
Havoc continues, “The next order of business… Me. Against Savio Vega and Damian 666. This won’t be a ‘passing of the torch’, it will be ripping the torch out of their cold dead hands and Jimmy Havoc stands victorious as the best hardcore wrestler on the planet.”

Suddenly in a much lighter voice, Havoc chipperly asserts, “Let’s get back to the ring, shall we?”

Inside the Arena

This is the first glimpse of the ring and stage as the camera pans down the audience towards the stage entrance to the ramp. The crowd is cheering as the first match is about the begin.

Three on Three Match

Los Haraganes (Animal, Demencia, & Silver Star) vs. Triple Amenaza (Star Boy, Arandu, & Zarco)

Los Haraganes is out first as they make their way down the ramp towards the ring. They continue to hype the crowd as a quick promo for Super Fight on November 2nd airs. Triple Amenaza make their way to the ring next. Los Haraganes wastes no time as a trifecta of Suicide Bombs come flying over the top ropes onto Triple Amenaza before the match officially begins.

The ref signals for an official start to this No Disqualification Match as most of the action stays out in the crowd at first. Finally all three men of Los Haraganes are in the ring attacking one of Triple Amenaza. Finally Star Boy makes his way back into the ring to try and help, Los Haraganes team up on him with a Guillotine Leg Drop. Star Boy sends Demencia sliding out of the ring, directly into the guard rail. Later Silver Star hits a Springboard Arm Drag onto Star Boy ringside. Los Haraganes gets three Power Bombs in a row on Star Boy for the win.

Winner: Los Haraganes


LA Park is shown sending a message to Fatu, that he is going to battle on November 2nd in Chicago at SuperFight. LA Park tells Fatu that he is going to break his face and end him in a bit more explicit wording (not edited in closed caption). He ends by saying he will be taking the championship to Mexico.

Tijuana Street Fight Match

Josef Samael vs. El Hijo de LA Park

Jimmy Havoc is shown outside of the arena with Salina de la Renta, El Hijo de LA Park, and a referee where the fight is set to take place. Out of nowhere Samael attacks Hijo to begin the match. Samael headbutts Hijo against a nearby fence as Salina stands by screaming at Hijo to get back up.

As Hijo makes his way back to his feet, he slams Samael through a wooden floor board and begins stomping him. Samael tries to break free as Hijo begins choking him. Hijo picks up the broken board and starts beating Samael with it.

Hijo looks as though he may win the fight until Ikuro Kwon and Simon Gotch run into him and begin beating him to the ground. Salina is calling for help as Hijo is still being attacked and the cameras cut off.

Winner: No Contest

No Disqualification Match

Jimmy Havoc vs. Savio Vega vs. Damian 666

Savio Vega is announced first as his music plays and he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. The audience goes crazy for Jimmy Havoc as he makes his way to the ring second. Damian 666 comes out last and makes his way to the ring last as the three men enter different corners of the ring and the ref signals for the bell to ring and the match begins.

Not wasting any time, as the bell rings Savio Vega and Damian 666 team up on Havoc and with a double boot, they knock him out of the ring. Vega then turns on Damian 666 with a Clothesline as Havoc makes his way back into the ring with cookie sheets and a trash can.

Havoc knocks Vega down and then goes for Damian who seemed to feel nothing from the hit. Havoc looks apologetic as Damian snatches the cookie sheet and hits Havoc in the head. Vega gets in some good hits with his kendo stick. Damian gets a 2 count on Vega.

Damian begins to beat Havoc with a chair after already attacking him and Vega with a whip. Havoc puts thumbtacks onto a chair which he coincidentally ends up sitting in himself. Vega then slammed Havoc into the chair again after a Drop Toehold sent Havoc into the tacked chair.

Havoc is set up on a table Vega brought into the ring, but before Vega can do anything, Havoc dropped him on the top rope. Damian takes this opportunity to Superplex Vega through the table. Damian is then tossed out of the ring by Havoc who made his way back in. Havoc hits an Acid Rainmaker on Vega for the pin and three count win.

Winner: Jimmy Havoc

After the Match

The ref raises Havoc’s arm in victory as the bell is ringing to end the match. Jimmy Havoc goes after Damian 666 who is still inside the ring with another Acid Rainmaker. Havoc begins pounding fists on Damian, at one point biting him. The assault would most likely have continued, but Bestia 666 comes sliding in the ring as Havoc flees to the outside of the ring as the show ends.

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