MLW Fusion Results & 6 Takeaways (4/4/20)

MLW Fusion 4/4/20 featured a loser leaves town match between MJF and Mance Warner.

MLW Fusion 4/4/20

Major League Wrestling presented another episode of Fusion this weekend on BeIN Sports and YouTube. The show was headlined by a loser-leaves-town empty arena match between Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Mance Warner.

The full episode can be viewed in the player below:

MLW Fusion 4/4/20 Quick Results:

  1. Douglas James defeated Septimo Dragon via submission
  2. Loser Leaves Town Empty Arena Match
    Mance Warner defeated MJF

6Maxwell Jacob Friedman Forced To Leave The Territory

The rivalry between the Southern Psychopath and Maxwell Jacob Friedman all came down to this. After the Dynasty attacked him at the pay window recently, Warner put everything on the line in order to get revenge. MJF cut a passionate promo before the match informing “O’l Mancer” that he’s not the only one who can go psycho in MLW. In the end, however, MJF would try every trick in the book to get away from the Southern Psychopath during the match. At one point, the Dynasty member even attempted to call a taxi to make his escape.

MJF attempted to take the advantage late in the match with a thumb to the eye but Warner countered with a headbutt and a big-time lariat and got the 3-count. With the loss, MJF is gone from MLW.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman had quite the run with the promotion, having won both the middleweight title and the tag titles (with Richard Holliday). After his final booking with MLW, MJF sent the following out on Twitter:

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