More On Hangman vs. PAC Pulled From AEW Double or Nothing

More details have come out regarding the situation between PAC and AEW.

PAC AEW Hangman Page

With under a week to go before their first official event, AEW has had to cancel a high-profile match from Double or Nothing. PAC vs Hangman Page was scrapped from the PPV.

In storyline, the match took place in England recently and will air on AEW’s social media channels. According to a recent report from Wrestling Observer Radio, it wasn’t that PAC was not free to lose to Page which was the sticking point, it was that he wouldn’t be able to lose a follow-up match after.

“Essentially the deal is PAC is the Open the Dream Gate champion in Dragongate and he wasn’t going to lose and he wasn’t losing in the UK,” Meltzer said. “It wasn’t so much this show and I think that’s where everyone’s all confused.”

PAC Vs Page Scrapped From AEW Double or Nothing

“(AEW) have an idea of what they want to do with their storylines and it was a long-term thing and this no longer fit,” Meltzer continued. “It wasn’t if he could do the job on this show or not, that wasn’t the issue. He wouldn’t but that wasn’t’ the issue.”

In terms of why AEW didn’t decide to go with a draw or a DQ finish, the decision was made that either of those finishes might be ill-received from the live audience. The main point was really that PAC’s situation with Dragon Gate prevents him from losing on future shows as well.

“They could have put PAC over,” Meltzer continued. “The issue is then what do you do? If you put PAC over, who does he face in Chicago?”

Kenny Omega’s name was referenced as a possible future opponent.

“I don’t know but I do, so to speak,” Dave Meltzer said. “If that was the case that it might be Kenny Omega or an equivalent. Given the way the 6-man tag was going and everything, it was Kenny Omega, almost for sure.”