More Information Regarding Luke Gallows And Karl Anderson Declining WWE Offer

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have reportedly turned down a lucrative offer from WWE. But just how much were they leaving on the table to pursue creative satisfaction?

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

We have some new information regarding our report on Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson’s WWE offer.

With the tag team’s WWE contracts set to expire in September this year, the Good Brothers have decided to not take up WWE on their offer. This comes in the wake of a number of Superstars vocally sharing their frustration with their position in the company, with some even requesting their release.

According to, the duo was offered quite the lucrative deal to stay. However, it appears that the money on the table just wouldn’t satiate their creative frustration. It’s reported that the team were offered a five-year offer and that, if you factor in WWE offering its talent raises, it would mean the offer would have ranged in the multi-millions when accumulated.

WWE has been on an aggressive hiring streak recently, actively trying to lock down talent in the process. This has been done in retaliation to All Elite Wrestling’s intentions and bankroll — factors the WWE are obviously aware of.

The Club

Anderson and Gallows made their initial debut on WWE during an episode of Monday Night RAW in 2016. They were initially paired with their former Bullet Club comrade, AJ Styles, forming The Club. WWE would soon split this group up, however, and the team have struggled to gain consistent traction since.