More Information On The Anxiety Issues Lars Sullivan Suffered Earlier This Year

More information has come to light regarding the anxiety issues Lars Sullivan suffered from months ago, prior to what was meant to be his main roster debut.

Lars Sullivan
Lars Sullivan

Lars Sullivan’s past racist and bigoted comments have been a focal point of conversation amongst fans in recent weeks.

Despite their awareness of said comments, WWE still wanted to go ahead with a significant push for the Superstar. In an effort to demonstrate a reprimanding, the company has since levelled Sullivan with a legitimate $100,000 fine and sensitivity training that he must undertake.

Prior to his initial call up, however, there were rumblings that Sullivan was due to debut in a major feud with John Cena. This rivalry would have culminated at WrestleMania 35, providing Cena with a big match and Lars an opportunity to shine on the “Grandest Stage Of Them All” with the Babe Ruth of WWE.

But things didn’t pan out that way.

Sullivan would suffer serious anxiety issues before the storyline could begin, nixing his own main roster debut in the process. His anxiety issues would see him take time off to deal with his problems, with many believing he suffered stage fright from the pressure.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, however, says this isn’t the case. Instead, the anxiety was directly related to his concerns over his comments coming to light and having obvious repercussions on him, his career, those close to him, as well as WWE.

Despite trying to deal with the issue internally, having known about these comments for at least a year, the news still came out over his past.

Sullivan has since released an official statement and has apologised personally to several WWE talent, including The New Day and Titus O’Neil.