More On Nikki Bella’s Retirement

Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella

While she hasn’t exactly been on a touring WWE schedule, the news of former Diva’s Champion Nikki Bella’s retirement still came as a surprise for many.

TMZ has now published a report on her retirement, revealing that the former Champion is not leaving on bad terms and she still has a great working relationship with the company.

The reasons for her retirement include the other business ventures she needs to focus on and the various wear and tears on her body Bella has accumulated during her time as a full-time WWE performer.

While she is not expected to return to full time touring schedule in future, people close to the former Champion claim that she still loves wrestling and WWE.

Not only that but the former SmackDown Star is still interested in making cameo appearances for the promotion every now and then, as long as the timing is right

As far as her working relationship with the company goes, word is that WWE will sign her as an ambassador. The Total Bellas reality show is also expected to continue.

Nikki Bella announced her retirement from Professional Wrestling during the season finale of Total Bellas aired this past Sunday. Her announcement came only days after her sister Brie Bella also confirmed her retirement during the March 10th episode of the show.