More On Lawsuit Against Titus O’Neil & WWE

Back in 2015 an incident occurred on WWE Network’s “Swerved” in which, allegedly,  Titus O’Neil got very upset after being shocked by WWE Superstar Paige, and proceeded to kick the camera out of cameraman Donald Anderson’s hand, injuring him in the process.

PWInsider reports that Anderson is filing a lawsuit against O’Neil and the WWE in the state of Florida, after finding success in transitioning the case out of California – where the lawsuit was originally attempted to be filed. He is seeking $15,000 in damages in addition to whatever punitive damages the Pasco County of Florida orders as well.

Originally, the lawsuit in California sought $1.2 million in damages – that’s an expensive hand. The lawsuit also claims O’Neil “was known by WWE as possessing significant anger management issues.” It should also be noted that the original lawsuit filed in California suggested Anderson received medical bills up to $150,000, while the new one in Florida mentions no such thing.