More On WWE’s Plans For Killer Kross: Is He Behind The SmackDown Glitches?

Update on WWE's plans for the former TNA star

Killer Kross reported to Performance Center on February 5
Killer Kross reported to Performance Center on February 5

The intentional glitches seen on SmackDown broadcast recently have been creating buzz among wrestling fans. People have been speculating names which can be behind it and the latest WWE signee Killer Kross is one of the top rumored stars for the spot.

While appearing on the Main Event podcast, reporter Dave Meltzer discussed these rumors and suggested that there could be something to the story of Kross being revealed as the mystery man behind the glitches.

It was previously reported that Killer Kross could be fast-tracked once he signs with the company and Meltzer noted that at the time of his signing, the word was that he was brought on for “something big”.

The former TNA star is not expected to take the usual route of going through NXT before joining Raw or SmackDown and WWE Officials are instead planning something significant for him on the main roster.

Though Meltzer put a stop to the rumors of Kross facing John Cena at WrestleMania 36, saying that he specifically asked if this was the plan and was told no.

WWE officially announced the signing of Killer Kross on February 5 but at the time, he wasn’t assigned any brand. The company had only confirmed that the former Lucha Underground star has reported to their Performance Center to begin his training.