MVP On RAW 25 Backstage Environment

Former WWE Superstar MVP

As we’ve previously noted, former WWE United States Champion MVP was recently interviewed by WSVN-TV entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet and talked about several professional wrestling topics.

One topic of discussion was MVP’s involvement in the RAW 25 special episode earlier this year. He talked about getting the call from Mark Carrano and not being able to be told what his role would be because WWE didn’t even know yet:

“I think I got a call from Mark Carrano,” MVP said. “He said, ‘are you interested?’ I said, ‘how much you paying, what am I doing?’ It was funny because I kept saying what am I doing? What am I doing? What am I doing? And in typical WWE fashion a lot of the time they have no idea.”

As far as the script goes, many already know that had to be changed dramatically due to Enzo Amore being suspended earlier that day because of the sexual assault allegations against him. MVP noted that the backstage environment was hectic that day, with doors flying open everywhere and his part of the show being rewritten from the original plans:

“When I was there I remember plenty of times literally doors are opening and they’re rewriting the script for TV. So it happens all the time. When I got there I found out what they initially had in mind they scrapped and I ended up doing something else completely and I ended up playing poker with the APA.

“I don’t even remember,” MVP replied when asked about the original plan for Raw 25. “Man I get a free trip to New York, a free payday to drink beer, sit in the back and play cards. Yeah, I’ll do that.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions