Naomi Complains About Her SmackDown Match Being Nixed, WWE Responds


Prior to this week’s SmackDown Live Naomi and Mandy Rose had been exchanging words on Twitter and Paige had announced that these two will compete against each other on the Blue Branded Show.

However, this bout was not featured on the show despite being officially announced and it left a lot of people wondering why the company decided to remove it.

While the real reason behind it has not been revealed yet, it appears that this decision was made very late as Naomi was still talking about the bout as late as 8:23 pm ET:

She finally acknowledged her match being cut after the show was over and Mandy Rose also responded to her announced opponent claiming that she had a photoshoot:

For what it’s worth, WWE for once actually explained the situation later on. While they didn’t reveal the actual reason, they gave a storyline explanation to it.

In the following post-SmackDown video, Paige explained it storyline wise, saying that the Miz’s unsanctioned match caused them to remove this bout from the show:

Although it’s not confirmed, it’s possible that the late addition to the card like Daniel Bryan vs. Mustafa Ali and the tag match featuring Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura caused the company to change the script.

Though from what it appears, we can say that this is not the end of the feud between Naomi and Mandy Rose. It’s likely that we’ll get to see their match next week on SmackDown.