Naomi Vs Mandy Rose Booked For Smackdown

Naomi vs Mandy Rose

WWE has scheduled Naomi versus Mandy Rose for this Tuesday’s Smackdown. Rose has been antagonizing Naomi as of late by making “advances” toward Naomi’s husband, Jimmy Uso. Naomi will get her chance at revenge when they go one-on-one on Tuesday night.

A match between the two Superstars was also scheduled to take place back in December but was canceled last minute. In the storyline, the cancellation was caused by a last-minute photo shoot for Mandy Rose but in reality, she is believed to have been under the weather that day.

Mandy Rose vs Naomi

“I’m not sure if my match got cut or if just didn’t show regardless I’m over it I’ll let the fans handle this 1 for me

To which Rose responded:

“The real truth is that I was too busy to wait around and had a photoshoot, something doesn’t know anything about. You should be glad bc I was going to embarrass you tonight SIS!

Also scheduled for Tuesday’s show is Andrade vs Rey Mysterio in a best 2-of-3 falls match. Samoa Joe will also take on Mustafa Ali.

“Mandy Rose sunk to new lows to embarrass Naomi last week on SmackDown LIVE, persuading both Naomi and her husband Jimmy Uso to a hotel room in a plan that ultimately resulted in Naomi being downed by The Golden Goddess.” – WWE Press Release