Natalya Discusses WWE Not Changing Name Of Total Divas

Natalya recently did an interview with The Wrap where she talked about a wide range of topics including the reason that WWE has decided against re-branding the name of their reality series, Total Divas, on the E! Network. This is where she admitted that she’s not sure but has heard some different rumblings.  

“You know, I’m not sure actually,” Neidhart said. “I’ve heard different rumblings. I’ve heard that, you know, [‘Total Divas’ co-star and executive producer] Nikki Bella had talked about it openly and said, you know, she wanted to change the name, and that we should go from ‘Divas’ to something else.”

The longtime WWE star did admit that while she thinks the decision to change the name may make the WWE fans happy, she does have a concern about how the mainstream audience will react to the change due to their connection with the title of the show.

“It’s tough because, the way I look at it is, yes, in WWE we’re not called Divas anymore, we’re called Superstars,” she added. “But ‘Total Divas’ is such a popular show that, would the mainstream audience understand if we changed the name? But at the same time, I always think change is good and I think it could be a unique dynamic to take the fans, you know, on a journey where we do change the name. It just depends, the stars have to align. And I also, you know, I think the most important part is keeping the show authentic. Keeping it real and true to what it’s always been, and that really starts with the cast.”