Natalya Opens Up About Health Risks Associated With Professional Wrestling

Since Paige’s devastating injury at a live event on December 28th, many have spoken about the balance between career drive/passion and the health risks that are present with every match in professional wrestling.

Natalya is the latest to do so when she spoke with Sporting News about Paige’s injury and the harsh reality that faces each WWE superstar when they enter the ring.

The 18-year veteran explained that while WWE is entertainment, it’s also extremely physical.  However, this should be contrasted with the fact that anything can happen in life, and that life is full of risks, whether you’re working in a wrestling ring or not.

Natalya said that since she doesn’t know the exact details of Paige’s injury, the best course of action for anyone is to wait for the former Diva’s Champion, or WWE, to give a statement regarding the situation and future.

Making Reference to her husband, Tyson Kidd who suffered a career ending injury, Natalya mentions how a career choice with WWE provides both ups and downs, but the key is to take each day as it comes.

“What we do is physical and Paige is one of the most talented female superstars I’ve ever been in the ring with. So, I have nothing but respect for her and, obviously, my husband Tyson Kidd, who was extremely talented in the ring. I also know that we take everything one day at a time and I’m grateful for all the good time that we’ve had together in the ring.”


Natalya’s advice, to give Paige and WWE time, comes across as very supportive and optimistic, which contrasts with a lot of other reports that do not read well for Paige’s in-ring career.

It’s also good to point out Paige’s social media remains on the positive side as she posted this tweet on January 16th:

While the tweet may not be related to WWE or her in-ring career, it can only be reassuring to see that there is a future for the superstar.

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