New AEW Commercial Focuses On Competition With NXT (Video)

A new AEW commercial aired on TNT last night.

A new commercial for AEW Dynamite which aired last night on TNT during the Clipper vs Trailblazers game placed an emphasis on comparisons to NXT.

The commercial features quotes such as “AEW Dynamite buries NXT – the Wrap,” “AEW Dynamite crushes NXT – Comicbook” and “AEW Dynamite trounces NXT – Forbes.”

The commercial can be viewed in the player or Tweet below:

NXT Beats AEW In Ratings 2 Weeks In A Row

While the AEW commercial that aired last night during the Clippers vs Blazers game focusses on AEW beating its competition, the new wrestling promotion has lost in the ratings to NXT two weeks in a row now.

NXT on the USA Network averaged 810,000 viewers for their episode last Wednesday. AEW Dynamite on TNT was watched by 663,000 viewers last week.

After spending the first 7 weeks of the Wednesday Night War on-top, NXT gained the advantage on the 11/20 shows.

NXT on the USA Network averaged 916,000 viewers for the show on 11/20. AEW Dynamite on TNT was watched by 893,000 viewers the same week.

Eric Bischoff spoke about how AEW can improve their ratings recently on his 83 Weeks podcast:

“Let’s be realistic. They are still coming in under a million viewers a week, and they’re coming in under a million viewers a week on a major cable outlet that typically does a bigger number than that. More importantly, they’re delivering under a million viewers a week within a genre, sports entertainment, professional wrestling, whatever you want to call it, that is typically not really an advertising-friendly platform. So while those numbers look good, look great, look fantastic, from a competitive position with WWE, from an ad sales position, particularly in primetime, it’s not a pretty number yet.”