New WWE SmackDown Logo Displayed In FOX Advertisement (Photo)

SmackDown Live
WWE SmackDown Live

There is expected to be various changes to WWE when the FOX deal goes through this fall as SmackDown Live starts to air on the broadcast network.

A Twitter user saw a new advertisement hyping the show airing on the broadcast network later this year that includes a new logo.

In the logo, there is no mention of the “Live” part of the show. Also, there is an exclamation mark moved to the center of the name and looks to have a grittier look than the current logo. You can see here:

SmackDown will be officially moving over to FOX on Friday, October 4th, 2019. FOX is paying WWE $1 billion over five years for the rights to SmackDown Live after inking the contract last year with the company.

With such a move, there is a lot of expectations and changes coming to the show. SmackDown Live events will run from Thursday through Sunday, which will be a change for the stars as they are currently running a schedule that goes Saturday through Tuesday, once the show moves to FOX.

WWE is struggling with its television ratings right now. Thus, the company will need to get back on track before October. FOX is helping promote the brand during its various sports broadcasts.