Jack Perry Says He Doesn’t Need AEW Anymore

Jack Perry, who made his return to wrestling at NJPW Battle in the Valley in January. While his stint with the Japanese wrestling promotion was going well, he was not nowhere to be seen in AEW.

At Battle in the Valley, Perry even took out the AEW contract, and tore it up, sending a message. For those not in the know, CM Punk infamous altercation with Perry led to Perry’s suspension. However, even though the Jungle Boy’s suspension ended, he was still not seen on AEW TV.

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But Perry is still active in Japan, and he is in fact set to face Shota Umino at New Japan STRONG’s Windy City Riot event on April 12. Speaking to NJPW1972.com about the matchup, and it is during this interview that he talked about his work with NJPW and leaving AEW behind.

Perry believes that he was the “scapegoat” in the CM Punk-All In incident. He even wears an armband with the word written on it as part of his ring gear and nickname.

“Well, Japan for me is an opportunity, not to start over, but start a new chapter without having to apologize or pretend to be sorry for the actions of other people. It’s a way that I can stay true to myself and continue to grow despite everything that’s gone on.”

The message is as clear as it can be: Perry is done with AEW, and doesn’t care about the promotion anymore.

“Ripping that contract was a declaration. I’m not playing by your rules anymore. If (AEW) are too afraid to have me anymore, if the specter of Jack Perry is too much, they don’t want to deal with the conversations, the ramifications that brings, then that’s fine.”

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And Perry wants to prove this by going on a wrestling journey of his own and making a name for himself on his own terms and efforts:

“I don’t need them. I will go by myself across the world, all by myself, without any of my friends, without any of the things I’m used to, anything that’s been my life for the last five years, and I’ll do it on my own, make my own way.”

That being said, he is still not sure which group or promotion he currently represents:

“Some of these things are unclear even to me, but I would say this: Loyalty is a two-way street, and I show loyalty to those who are loyal to me. As of now, certain parties have been very good to me, and I intend to repay that.”

Speaking about his Scapegoat nickname, Perry added that he’s “man enough” to take the blame and is not “shying away” from it:

“I think it’s ingrained in human nature to be afraid of blame, and the disapproval of others. At the end of the day, that’s weakness. That’s a weak mindset, a weak soul. If you know the truth, what good is the opinion of other people? If you know the truth, you have power. I’m not shying away from the blame. If you need me to be the scapegoat because you don’t have the bravery to stand up for your own actions, then that’s fine. I’m man enough to take that blame from all of us and I’m not going to shy away from it.”

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Recently, it was reported that Tony Khan was upset with Jack Perry, and in a subsequent interview, Khan praised his achievements in NJPW and asked fans to “stay tuned” about whether Perry will return to AEW or not.

“Well, I think you gotta stay tuned. Absolutely, Jack’s doing great things in New Japan. The New Japan Cup – he’s had a great run. He’s established himself over there. He feels he’s the ‘Scapegoat.’ But he’s doing great things, and he’s wrestling for a great promotion, and it’s been great tracking Jack’s progress in New Japan. And I think he’s done excellent work there.”