Update On Drew Gulak WWE NXT Exit After Conflicting Reports, Backstage Perception

Former WWE NXT Superstar Drew Gulak was a bully during his tenure with the gold brand, according to those close to the situation. 

Gulak’s name was brought up during recent talent cuts that have affected the WWE NXT brand. It was at first believed that Gulak was removed from WWE TV following allegations made by Ronda Rousey. The former Women’s Champion claims that Gulak pulled at the drawstring of her pants, which Gulak said did happen but it was an accident. 

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Now, more has come to light about Gulak’s behavior leading up to his WWE release. Gulak would often target the genuine injuries that NXT talent were trying to recover from, Fightful Select reports. This earned him a reputation as a bully, which was only galvanized when he pressured talent to keep quiet about what he was doing. 

At least one WWE NXT talent spoke up which led to Gulak being verbially reprimanded by NXT head Shawn Michaels and other coaches with the gold brand. This was after Gulak intentially ‘spiked’ an opponent during a match. It is not stated who this oopponent was or when the match took place. 

One WWE NXT talent who spoke to Fightful said that Gulak was “odd” and often tested wrestlers to see if his bullying got a reaction. Another talent said that Gulak deliberately re-dislocated a finger that that had previously been dislocated but had been healing. 

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Drew Gulak Still With WWE

While it has been reported that Gulak was released, Fightful now notes that Drew is still with the company, but has been told that his deal will not be renewed when it expires. Gulak will also not receive a new offer once his existing deal expires next month. 

On the WWE Backlash France post-show press conference, WWE CCO Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque responded to questions about Gulak’s WWE status. Levesque stated that Gulak was not fired over the Rousey allegations but rather that his contract was not renewed. 

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