Teddy Hart Has Bench Warrant Rescinded After Giving Reason for Failing to Appear in Court

Teddy Hart’s trouble with the law are far from over, but the controversial wrestler does have one less issue to deal with after having a warrant rescinded. 

Hart was arrested in July 2023 on charges of possession of MDMA (Ecstacy) and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. Both of these are third-degree felonies in Florida. In December 2023, Hart appeared in a court that often works towards plea deals and attempts to prevent a case from going to a felony trial. 

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Teddy Hart Warrant Rescinded

A bench warrant for Hart in the state of Florida has been officially rescinded, PW Insider has reported. The warrant was issued in February after he failed to appear in court in regards to his July 2023 arrest. The court date Hart missed was a mandatory appearance for “Early Resolution.”

On March 13, attorneys representing Hart filed the motion to withdraw the warrant. They claimed that Hart was in hospital at the time of the February hearing and was unable to contact his counsel. The motion was unopposed by the prosecution and was subsequently dropped. 

Hart is now scheduled to appear in court on the morning of April 4. We will continue to follow his case closely as further updates are expected to come next month.

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Teddy Hart’s Controversial Past

Hart has had several issues with the law, some of which were documented in the Peacock reality series Dangerous Breed. The series looked at Hart’s toxic relationship with women, one of which being Hart’s ex Samantha Fiddler. 

Fiddler traveled overseas with Hart before he ditched her, reportedly taking her passport with him. To date, she has never been found or heard from and has been missing since 2016.