Watch: First Look At Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson As Maui in Disney’s Moana 2

Wrestling fans and moviegoers alike have caught their first glimpse of Disney’s Moana 2 starring WWE’s very own Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. 

Moana 2 follows on from 2016’s Moana and sees Johnson return as the voice of Maui, a legendary demigod who works alongside Moana (Auli?i Cravalho) to recover a missing relic that she believes will save the people of her island. Much like its predecessor, Moana 2 takes inspiration from Polynesian myths. 

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This week, a teaser trailer for Moana 2 was shared online. Maui appears in the closing moments of the trailer and shows off his shapeshifting abilities, transforming from a shark into a bird and eventually into his human guise. The demigod converses with Moana and teases eating her pet pig and the returning chicken HeiHei (Alan Tudyk.)

The Rock’s Very Different Project

Moana 2 isn’t the only big project in the works for Dwayne Johnson. The Final Boss of WWE is also currently working on The Smashing Machine which will tell the tale of MMA fighter Mark Kerr. Johnson will play Kerr in the film which will delve into his career as well as his personal struggles with substances. 

The Smashing Machine is certainly a change from the norm for Johnson, who typically sticks to family-friendly films (Moana, The Jungle Cruise) or high-end blockbusters like The Fast and the Furious franchise. Currently, there’s no confirmed date for when fans can expect The Smashing Machine in cinemas.