Glitches & QR Code Mystery Continues On 4/29 WWE Monday Night Raw

The April 29, episode of WWE Monday Night Raw continued the trend of glitches and QR codes fans have seen in recent weeks as something big is coming to TV. 

Since the post-WrestleMania Raw, glitches and QR codes have been appearing on WWE’s main roster programming, giving clues as to something big that’s in the works. These QR codes have led to videos with fans deciphering hidden messages and clues to figure out what’s really going on.

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The mystery continued on the April 29, episode of Raw as a glitch appeared during GUNTHER’s match with Xavier Woods. The glitch featured an image of a deserted highway from the perspective of somebody driving late at night. As seen in previous glitches, this glitch included the symbol for the dwarf planet Pluto, which in Astrology is synonymous with great transformation. 

Following this glitch, a QR code appeared later in the show. Scanning it brings fans to the video in the tweet below. 

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The video didn’t give too many clues, but did speak of ‘Him’ suggesting that a male wrestler is behind these videos. The allusions to a swamp as heard in the song could be a nod to Windham Rotunda whose formative years as Bray Wyatt saw him portray a cult-like leader in swampland.  

Many believe this is leading to the return of Uncle Howdy, the character previously portrayed by Bo Dallas who was introduced following Wyatt’s return in 2022. It’s been rumored that a faction could be in the works, especially with Erick Rowan, a Wyatt Family alum, recently re-signing with WWE

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WWE’s QR Code Mystery

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