How Much Is Las Vegas Paying For WWE WrestleMania 41?

Las Vegas is paying a small fortune for WWE to host WrestleMania 41 as higher-ups in Sin City are expecting the event to be a huge tourism trap. 

It was announced in May 2024 that Las Vegas would be hosting the two-night event which will take place on April 19 and April 20. The show will be the latest in the calendar year a WrestleMania has ever taken place.

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Las Vegas won the right to host WrestleMania 41 despite there being a time when it was assumed that Minneapolis would be hosting the show instead. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) approved a $5 million payment to WWE to sponsor the event, 8 News Now reports. 

Lisa Motley, vice president of sports and special events for the LVCVA was optimistic about the show’s prospects. 

“The dates of the event will occur over Easter weekend, which is a typically slow time for Las Vegas… We anticipate more than 180,000 WrestleMania fans will occupy 144,000 incremental room nights over that time period.”

While Las Vegas has paid a fortune for WrestleMania, they expect to make their money back and then some. And with 180,000 expected for WrestleMania, plus many more for non-WWE events hosted in the city, Las Vegas is right to expect a profit on its massive investment. 

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What to Expect

Fans in Las Vegas will get much more than just WrestleMania. The report adds that the WWE World convention will be returning for WrestleMania 41 week. The first WWE World event this year included panels, exhibitions, stores, meet and greets, and an edition of The Pat McAfee Show. 

It is believed that WWE SmackDown and WWE Raw will be run at the MGM Resorts venue. A WWE NXT Premium Live Event is also likely to happen if recent years are any indication. 

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