Jimmy Smith Explains Why Ronda Rousey Was Hated In WWE & UFC

Former WWE commentator Jimmy Smith didn’t mince words when speaking about UFC Hall of Famer Ronda Rousey for her recent claims. During the latest edition of SiriusXM’s Unlocking The Cage with Jimmy Smith podcast, the former voice of Bellator ripped Rousey, who has been vocal about suffering from concussions during his UFC run which he hid from WWE. Jimmy Smith said that the former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion never gives credit to her opponents who beat her – Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes. He feels that Rousey blaming concussions for joining WWE “makes no sense.” He said:

“I’ve never been a religious person. One of the things I’ve always said about God, he gets all the credit, none of the blame. That’s what Ronda Rousey wants. All the credit none of the blame. I want credit for all my wins, my losses, I had CTE and all this and all that. I’m the greatest to ever do it. But when it didn’t work, it was so, and so, and so and so, and never me. She never gives credit to the people who actually beat her. The idea that I left MMA and went to the WWE because I had concussion problems makes no sense.”

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The former WWE Women’s Champion recently grabbed the attention after she released her new book, ‘Our Fight.’ Rousey made some stunning claims during the promotion of her book and even took jabs at the media for turning against her. In addition to this, she was also critical of UFC legend Joe Rogan.

Ronda Rousey had endured her first career loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193. She then went on to suffer a defeat against Amanda Nunes in December 2016 before deciding to retire from UFC. She transitioned his career to WWE a year later and tasted massive success. 

Hated For Being Difficult

Smith further spoke about how behind-the-scenes staff had a distaste toward the UFC Hall of Famer. The former WWE Raw commentator claimed that the backstage personnel enjoyed her failure and celebrated when she suffered consecutive losses to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes. He said:

“I don’t talk about things out of school, I don’t talk about things out of school, do I? Behind the scenes in WWE, behind the scenes in UFC, I don’t do that right? Kind of a personal rule.

Let me let you in on something, Ronda, if you are listening. The people behind the scenes, camera people, audio people, the people you can push around and the people you can bully and the people you can talk down to, can’t stand your f****** a**. Everybody behind the scenes, that had to put a mic on Ronda Rousey, couldn’t stand her. 

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Rousey called it quits on WWE following SummerSlam 2023 following a defeat against Shayna Baszler in an MMA Rules match. Given her criticism towards WWE and Vince McMahon, a return to the company doesn’t seem to be on the cards anytime soon. 

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