Marty Jannetty Marries at 64

WWE legend Marty Jannetty, one half of the Rockers tag team along with Shawn Michaels, is now a happily married man. The service was officiated by Missy Leslie, wife of fellow wrestling great Ed Leslie (Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake).

Missy wrote on social media, “I had the extreme pleasure of uniting these two in Holy Matrimony,” she wrote in the caption. “Congratulations to Marty Jannetty and his MRS. Addie!!!!”

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In January, Jannetty had shared a grim update regarding his health. The former Rocker revealed that he was advised by his doctors to amputate his leg, since he has had ankle issues during his wrestling career. At the time, it was the doctor’s recommendation, despite Jannetty getting surgery in 2020 for his ankle.

Recently, The Undertaker recounted stories about pranks that took place backstage in WWE, and he mentioned that Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty were ,“a couple little turds” who would prank others. He specifically recalled that his hat would always be poked in with random things like sugar, flowers put in it. 

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But Jannetty made headlines last year when he claimed that he made a man “disappear.” He wrote on his Facebook page that when he was 13, a man attempted to molest him, and in his defense, he made the man “disappear.” This statement received negative attention from fans, so Jannetty responded stating that he wasn’t a murderer and he hit the man with a brick who was trying to rape him.