Roman Reigns Was Against The Shield’s Split & Face Run But “You Have to Be a Good Soldier”

The end of the Shield may have helped propel Roman Reigns to singles superstardom, but the Tribal Chief was no fan of splitting up the popular faction. 

A year-and-a-half after their debut on the main roster, the Shield imploded during the June 2, 2014, episode of Monday Night Raw. 24 hours removed from the Sheild’s victory over Evolution at WWE Battleground, Seth Rollins betrayed his brothers and aligned himself with Triple H, becoming a part of the Authority. 

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Roman Reigns Was Against The Shield’s Split

The end of the Shield was a shocking moment that marked a change for Rollins, Reigns, and Dean Ambrose, but Reigns was not on board at the time. During the A&E Biography: Legends episode about him, Reigns shared his reservations about the split.

“I didn’t wanna break up The Shield. And I definitely didn’t wanna be a good guy. That’s exactly what was happening. I was so young on the rise. It’s not like I had a nest egg built up. It’s not like I had a whole bunch of options that I can just say ‘No I’m not feeling this.’ This doesn’t feel good to me or I wouldn’t say this. It was so hard to do that.”

“When you don’t have that backup, when you don’t have that ‘f**k you’ money. And you can’t just stand on your art and your family is depending on you. Your livelihood is depending on you. You have to just be a good soldier and do what you’re told.”

What Came Next? 

Following the split, Rollins and Ambrose would feud for months with both men receiving new attires and themes for this post-Shield chapter of their careers. Reigns on the other hand continued to use the same theme song and the same attire for years after the Shield broke up. 

Rather than enter the fray with Ambrose and Rollins, Reigns was quickly thrust into feuds with established names. This high-profile move to the main event scene would play a part in the fans’ rejection of Reigns that would continue for years.

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Shield Reunions

While The Shield’s proper run ended in 2014, the faction would reunite over the years. The group saw reunions in 2017, 2018, and 2019. The final reunion saw the group go out on top as Ambrose’s final match for WWE saw the Shield defeat Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre. Ambrose would debut for AEW shortly after as Jon Moxley. 

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