Nick Aldis Defeats Cody, Wins Back NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Nick Aldis NWA Champion
Nick Aldis NWA Champion

There is a new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Nick Aldis is now a 2x NWA World Champion after having defeated Cody tonight at the NWA 70th Anniversary show in Nashville, TN.

Aldis won falls 1 and 3 in the best 2-of-3 falls match which main event’ed the show.

Nick Aldis Defeats Cody and Regains NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Cody tapped early to Aldis’ patented Cloverleaf hold, seemingly to prevent further damage from being done to his knee. With Aldis up 1-0, the match went into 60-second respite period before the next fall. Then the match spilled to the outside and into the fans. Aldis ended up going through a table after missing an elbow drop, allowing Cody to deliver a Cross Rhodes and win the second fall.

The third fall started fast with Cody hitting a super-kick and going for Cross Rhodes early. The final fall came when Cody had seemingly out-smarted Cody by loosening his boot, and allowing himself to slip out of another Cloverleaf attempt. He rolled up Aldis into a small package but Aldis reversed the weight onto Cody’s shoulders and got a 3 count.

Cody’s title reign finishes at just 48 days. Much like his father’s title reigns used to be, he lost the title not long after winning it. His father Dusty only ever held the title for a combined 107 days over his 3 title reigns.