Nick Aldis Reveals Possible Stipulation For Title Match Against Marty Scurll

Nick Aldis will face Marty Scurll for the title again but only under one condition.

Nick Aldis Marty Scurll

Last night on NWA Powerrr, Nick Aldis unveiled some unique potential stipulations for another title match against Marty Scurll. Aldis defeated Scurll and successfully defended the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at the Crockett Cup last year but Scurll is lobbying for another crack at the belt.

On Powerrr, Aldis said that he is willing to defend the title against Scurll again at this year’s Crockett Cup event but only under one condition. That condition is if Scurll doesn’t defeat Aldis for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Scurll will refund every single person who attended the show the cost of their ticket.

The NWA has pinned a video of Aldis laying out the terms to the top of their Twitter page:

Aldis also made a point of mentioning that the exact date and venue for the Crockett Cup have yet to be announced. He invited cities to bid for the event. The show is planned for April.

Nick Aldis On Joining The NWA

Aldis sat down for an interview with Chris Van Vliet recently and discussed what led to him joining the NWA.

“Dave (Lagana) called me and just kind of said ‘what’s going on with you? What are you doing?’ Cause I mean I had just fallen off the face of the Earth in wrestling,” Aldis said. “Everyone just assumed that I would go to WWE after I finished up with TNA, that didn’t happen.”