Nikki Bella Comments On “The New” Daniel Bryan’s Attitude

Nikki Bella has shared her thoughts on Daniel Bryan's new persona, discussing how he has taken real-life beliefs and put them into "The New" Daniel Bryan.

Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella

The current WWE Champion, “The New” Daniel Bryan has been dominant on SmackDown Live ever since turning heel late last year. He would win the championship from AJ Styles, resorting to dirty tactics in order to do so. This strategy, however, has seen him hold onto the belt since November 13th, as he continues to berate the WWE Universe for their fickle nature and wasteful attitudes.

Nikki Bella, Daniel Bryan’s sister-in-law, had some thoughts on his recent attitude change. Speaking with Jim Alexander from Reel Talker, she would open up on Daniel Bryan’s heel turn and current run, commenting on how he’s taken aspects from his real-life personality and infused them seamlessly into his current WWE persona.

“I love it because there is so much truth to it. When your character has that foundation of truth of who you are, there’s so much passion and you feel the passion, so then you get invested and you’re connected to it. And that’s the thing, ‘cause everything Bryan is saying is how he truly feels. […] You invest. You naturally invest. Him changing the title, like what a heel thing to do. It’s hilarious. It’s him, I love it.”


Daniel Bryan, who is now also known as “The Planet’s Champion” successfully defeated Kofi Kingston last night during SmackDown’s Gauntlet match. If he had been successful, Kofi would have faced Bryan for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35.

With fans desperate to see Kofi-Mania finally take place in April, it will be interesting to see how Kofi and The New Day respond to yet another obstacle thrown in the path of this Superstar and his championship aspirations.