Nikki Cross Talks About Her New Friend, Alexa Bliss

Nikki Cross is now a full-time member of the RAW roster. This past Monday, she made her a new friend in Alexa Bliss, replacing her in a Fatal 4 Way matchup.

It seems Nikki Cross is still getting used to having a friend in WWE.

Cross replaced her new friend, Alex Bliss, in a Fatal 4 Way match. She would emerge victorious this past Monday on RAW, defeating Naomi, Natalya, and Dana Brooke in the process.

After the match, WWE caught up with her to gauge her feelings. She was aksed not only about the match, but also about her newfound friendship with Alexa Bliss.

“I got here a few months ago, and Alexa’s really been the first person to welcome me to Monday Night RAW. Being here at Monday Night RAW in London…I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, and I spent years and years performing in front of the crowds in the United Kingdom before coming to WWE, and it just feels amazing to come here, not only getting to perform but get to win my match. My first huge victory on Monday Night RAW and I get to win that for me, I get to win that for Alexa. We got the win together, and I just couldn’t be more happy, I couldn’t be more excited.”

“That’s What Friends Do”

When asked how Alexa reacted to her victory, Cross shared that she received a huge hug before commenting that Bliss has been going through a “hard time” recently.

“I was glad I could help. She just gave me a big hug, and she just said ‘thank you for your help,’ and it made me feel good. I just hope that one day she would do that for me and she would return the favor, because that’s what friends do. It’s so weird, I’m just getting used to, like, having a friend. It’s just hard to get used to.”

Nikki Cross recently revealed she could finally call RAW her home after languishing on the main roster without a brand association.

During that reveal, she teased that things may change for her going forward. Her new attitude change on RAW has at least landed her a friend in Alexa. For now.