NJPW Announces USA Subsidiary, NJPW of America

New Japan Pro-Wrestling held a press conference today, during which they announced the creation of their new American subsidiary, New Japan Pro-Wrestling of America. This marks the third phase of NJPW’s American development, with the first being talent acquisition and the second being market testing. The main focus will be on live events, with a plan to run events in 27 cities within 18 different states. The states will be in five main regions: the Northeast, Midwest, Southeast, West coast, and Texas.

NJPW currently plans to have events solely when the main promotion in Japan is not running events. However, there may be cases where tours in America and Japan are occurring simultaneously. Events in the United States will be streamed live on NJPW World when possible. The 2020 schedule for events in the United States is not fully determined yet, but it may contain up to double the number of American events that NJPW held in 2019. This will not result in a decrease in NJPW events taking place in Japan.

A full English translation of the press conference can be found here. There is also a corresponding Twitter account for NJPW of America, which is @NJPWofAmerica.

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