NJPW Cancels More Shows Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

NJPW has cancelled more shows, including Sakura Genesis and their Road to Dontaku tour, due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

New Japan Pro Wrestling

New Japan Pro-Wrestling has announced further cancellations amidst the coronavirus pandemic. They had previously cancelled their annual New Japan Cup tournament. Now NJPW has been forced to cancel both Sakura Genesis and their Road to Dontaku shows. Sakura Genesis was scheduled to take place on March 31 from Ryogoku Sumo Hall. The Road to Dontaku tour was intended to start from Sagamihara on April 11.

NJPW Official Statement

In an official statement, New Japan addressed how their decision is in line with the guidelines laid out by the Japanese Ministry of Health. They apologized to fans who were looking forward to the events but noted the importance of ensuring the safety of their fans, staff, and talent.

“We deeply apologise to fans who were looking forward to these events. Ultimately, the health and safety of our fans, wrestlers and staff, as well as society at large is our utmost concern, and we will make announcements about events scheduled after April 11 upon careful monitoring of this developing situation.”

“We will soon announce refund procedures for the affected events. Programs like the NJPW Together Project will continue to see wrestlers and staff come together to bring the best possible content to fans while we eagerly await the opportunity to entertain live crowds once more.”

NJPW has been putting on a range of alternative content in place of their cancelled shows via NJPW World. The Together Project brings stars together to talk, entertain, and provide wrestling commentary over matches.