NJPW/CMLL Fantastica Mania Results (Jan. 21): Did an NWA Title Change Hands?

NJPW/CMLL Fantastica Mania

New Japan Pro Wrestling and CMLL are live today (Jan. 21) for another Fantastica Mania event.

The action takes place live inside Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan. The action begins at 4:30 a.m. ET. SEScoops has you covered with live results from today’s Fantastic Mania card. Big stars are set to appear such as Tetsuya Naito, Rush, Gran Guerrero, Volador Jr. and many more.

Peep the live results below:

Tag Team Match: Star Jr. & Drone vs. Distrubio & Puma

It didn’t take long for Distrubio to bite Drone’s fingers. Drone was able to get him to the outside. Now Star Jr. and Puma were in the ring. Following some counters, Puma locked in a surfboard stretch.

After some impressive mat work, the two shook hands much to the dismay of Disturbio. He was having none of it as he chopped Drone. Disturbio and Puma double teamed Star Jr.

When the referee wasn’t looking, Disturbio bit Star Jr’s nipple. Puma landed a powerbomb from the top rope. Eventually, Puma was able to get a la magistral pin on Drone for the three-count.

Winners: Disturbio & Puma

Six-Man Tag Match: Ryusuke Taguchi, Fuego & Soberano Jr. vs. Roppongi 3K (Soh & Yoh) & Okumura

Things got started with Fuego and Okumura. Fuego kept faking out his opponent before landed a springboard arm drag. Soberano Jr. went to shake Soh’s hand, but was kicked in the midsection instead.

Soberano Jr. hit a springboard hurricanrana. He went for a dive on the outside, but Rocky Romero grabbed his legs. He received a hurricanrana for his efforts.

Taguchi and Yoh enter the ring to compete. Yoh shoved and ducked Taguchi so he kept running the ropes. Eventually, Taguchi just flopped to the canvas.

Taguchi went on a rampage with his funky weapon.  Even Romero was a victim. Okumura’s manager got involved and had her own buttocks bitten. She got the ultimate revenge with an atomic drop and some slaps to the funky weapon for good measure.

Five of the six men were involved in a tower of doom spot. Fuego was the exception and he frog splashed Yoh for a two-count. Taguchi and Fuego did over the top rope sentons to Soh and Yoh, leaving Soberano Jr. and Okumura in the ring.

Soberano Jr. hit a spinning crossbody from the top rope for the win.

Winners: Ryusuke Taguchi, Fuego & Soberano Jr.

Eight-Man Tag Match: Hirai Kowato, Kushida, Atlantis & Satoshi Kojima vs. Bushi, Hiromu Takahashi, Tetsuya Naito & Rush

Kowato, Kojima, Atlantis and Kushida attacked their opponents before the bell rang. The action spilled to the outside. Kojima chopped Bushi and Rush in the corner. Soon Takahashi met the same fate. Los Ingobernables began to take over.

Rush held the referee over the top rope due to a near fall. He used his shirt to choke Kojima. All of Los Ingobernables stomped on Kojima then posed.

Los Ingobernables kept hitting each other inadvertently. Kushida hit a DDT on Bushi followed by an armbar. Kowato was tagged in and hit a hurricanrana on Hiromu.  Kowato got massacred with chops, but he returned fire with ones of his own. Hiromu broke some skin with his chops on Kowato.

Rush was nailed with a dropkick. Kowato then took out Bushi. He went for a tag to Kojima, but he was pulled down. Rush drilled Kowato with Martillo Negro for the fall

Winners: Bushi, Hiromu Takahashi, Tetsuya Naito & Rush

After the match, Kojima and Rush went after each other with chairs. They brawled to the backstage area.


Tournament Tag Match: Angel de Oro & Niebla Roja vs. Gran Guerrero & Ultimo Guerrero

Ultimo and de Oro got things started. Ultimo stopped the action to take his mask off and de Oro teased doing the same. Ultimo applied a stretch hold, but de Oro reversed it into an STF.

Roja and Gran entered the ring. Gran applied a leg lock, but Roja countered with a reverse hurricanrana. Gran hit a standing side slam.

Gran and Ultimo double teamed Roja, but de Oro made the save. A suicide dive landed for de Oro, while Roja hit a senton over the top rope.

Ultimo hit a front suplex from the top rope on de Oro for a near fall. A springboard moonsault connected for de Oro. Ultimo held Roja in a tombstone position and just face planted him from the top rope for the win.

Winners: Gran Guerrero & Ultimo Guerrero

Tournament Tag Match: Mistico & Dragon Lee vs. Cuatrero & Sanson

Dragon Lee and Mistico immediately went after their opponents. Mistico nailed Cuatrero with a hard chop. Sanson was tagged in and eventually he and Cuatrero double teamed Mistico.

Sanson tried to unmask Mistico. With Sanson’s legs caught on the top rope, Mistico landed a springboard hurricanrana.

The teams engaged in a chop fest. This ended in Sanson and Cuatrero landing big boots followed by suicide dives. Lee planted Cuatrero with a reverse hurricanrana, but Sanson broke up the pin.

Inside the ring, Mistico was able to force the submission on Sanson with La Mística.

Winners: Mistico & Dragon Lee

NWA World Historic Welterweight Title Match: Volador Jr. (C) vs. Barbaro Cavernario

Volador Jr. gave the challenger a little slap early in the match. The champion went for a springboard, but was cut off. Cavernario used a chair to land his slingshot reverse splash on the outside.

Volador Jr. hit a plancha hurricanrana. Cavernario landed a front dropkick from the top rope. The champion scored a suicide dive. He followed that up with a senton.

Cavernario cut off Volador Jr’s springboard with his own springboard dropkick. He connected with his slingshot springboard reverse splash.

Volador Jr. launched the challenged with a hurricanrana from the top rope. The champion hit a springboard moonsault to the outside. Cavernario later landed a frog splash to the outside.

Volador Jr. landed the C-4 from the top rope, but couldn’t get a three-count. The champion landed a running Canadian Destroyer to retain his title.

Winner And STILL NWA World Historic Welterweight Champion: Volador Jr.